「声優をそのままアニメから持ってきてくれるのマジで神」『ONE PIECE』予告編 【日本語吹き替えVer.】- Netflix Japanへのネットの反応集【まとめ】 | ネット民の集い

「声優をそのままアニメから持ってきてくれるのマジで神」『ONE PIECE』予告編 【日本語吹き替えVer.】- Netflix Japanへのネットの反応集【まとめ】

The voice of zoro give me chills EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.
Really good move to use original Japanese VA in the dub. It brings a strong sense of familiarity and nostalgia when retelling and reimagining past events in the story in form of live action. Helps connect to the story much better for long term fans and enjoy the new adaptation to its fullest, seeing all the great production like the backdrops, props, and well suited cast of actors. I’m gonna watch the Japanese and English version!
I am not gonna lie Zoro’s actor and his voice in English is pretty darn amazing but now the original VA’s voice, it suits him and he is a real embodiment of zoro i literally got goosebumps when he spoke here, this is really getting exciting
One thing I noticed and loved, is that Tanaka-san(Luffy’s seiyuu) adjusted her voice for this live action Luffy. It’s evident that she tries to match Iñaki’s pitch, and that says a lot! It really means that like Iñaki paying respect to her for playing Luffy, she’s also paying the same respect for Iñaki through her voice acting.
Gosh, it’s so wholesome and I think Iñaki would be thrilled if he noticed it!
Im very glad that we’re having the original voice actors. Japanese voice actors are the true essence of any anime to be successful.
I love it!!!
Zoros voice is everything and luffys makes it complete
i screamed when i heard “you’ll always be my captain, from now until the end” in the original voice. actual chills.
why does this actually make me feel so happy to hear their voices
Seeing this with the original anime voices gives me goosebumps, only 6 more days to enjoy this masterpiece, ¡¡¡LONG LIVE ONE PIECE!! 🏴‍☠✊
I should say Zoro’s face and personality perfectly suits his voice actor😮🙀.. Zoro my fav in live action
it’s really cool to hear luffy’s original voice in the live action, now it really sounds like he came out of the anime.


EU CHOREI! Vou acabar vendo em japonês mesmo, não tem jeito!!! Perfeito demais!!!
Bro the voice actors are such legends, they literally changed their voices to be in a way that makes sense for the live action. The talent that we’ve always witnessed for the past 25 years in full display, Love it
ZORO speaks really natural like the actor Makkenyu speaks like the original voice over! And so exciting for all OP Anime lovers to indulge their voices in the live action. Coby is also perfect like he speaks in Anime. Hope they get emotionally wild n dynamic when those voice actors make iconic lines in tense battle scenes n dramatic moments.
Cuando vi el trailer en Ingles me emocione, y ahora que lo veo doblado al Japones con las voces del anime, se me caen las lagrimas. Un millon de gracias Netflix Japan 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Hearing the original voice actor dub this brings me so much joy, I’m literally tearing up out of happiness. I can’t wait to watch this in both English and Japanese 😭
Love hearing the OG Strawhats, Buggy and cast VA’s giving their full support to Live Action. Absolute legends! 😊
It is very interesting to me, as an english viewer of One Piece, to hear Luffy’s original voice actors as the dubbed voices. It feels both right & wrong at the same time as someone who normally prefers the original language of the series with subtitles, so I can feel all the emotion that is put in the original acting.
Hearing these characters in their original voices makes it even more special. This gave me chills. Now I feel like I want to watch this with the JP Dub with subtitles.
Holy crap, I’ve got chills. Especially from Buggy, and at the end when Luffy said the thing
This is perfect. Now all we need is the soundtrack and this could be a true masterpiece of an homage.
A alguien más le dieron ganas de llorar?? 🥹
Nunca me imaginé que me emocionaría tanto por el live action de One Piece, pero es muy notorio el cariño que se le ha puesto y eso como fan lo aprecio mucho me contagia su energía a tal grado que desborda en mi una gran alegría
I’m always so emotional about One Piece. I’m turning 30 soon and I’ve been watching the show since I was 10 and there was a point in my 20s, when I was suicidal and hearing Robin scream “I want to live” literally saved my life.
I’m so happy to hear the original anime voices, and Buggy is the best of all! Thank you Oda for being behind Netflix, greetings from Mexico Nakamas.
Now im actually excited to watch this. No disrespect to the actors, i think they did a good job but hearing the original cast just warms my heart.
I love how Mayumi Tanaka is trying to be closer to the tone Inaki is going for. Imo it really shows how much she respects his efforts.

Also, it was interesting seeing the new Luffy in English and even more so seeing it replicated in Japanese. It makes the differences in tone/adaptation so much more noticeable.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but it feels like in this, Mayumi Tanaka is not only doing her Luffy voice, but she’s also kinda trying to imitate Iñaki’s (LA Luffy) voice and combining the two, which honestly is so cool.